Before mailing your submission to the Art Gallery of St. Albert, please take a minute to review the following information.

Exhibition Fees
AGSA pays all of our exhibiting artists according to the rates recommended by CARFAC (Canadian Artists Representation/ le Front des Artistes Canadian.)

The recommended exhibition rates for a Category II gallery in 2019 are:

  • Solo exhibition: $2715
  • Group exhibition (2 artists): $1358 per artist
  • Group exhibition (3 artists): $905 per artist
  • Group exhibition (4 artists): $679 per artist
  • Group exhibition (5 artists): $543 per artist


We offer reimbursement for shipping costs up to $400 for artists who live 250 km away from St. Albert, AB. Shipping allowance can be used for freight, crating, gas and/ or mileage. Reimbursement is negotiable.

Please Note: Whilst the Art Gallery of St. Albert accepts submissions from artists living and working outside of Alberta, we ask that those artists take note of our paid exhibition fees, and research the cost of shipping their work to our location. Please consider both factors prior to submitting your work to our 2020 Call for Submissions.


Depending on the nature of the artwork, artists may be requested to assist with the installation of their work. In most cases the Gallery will install the artworks. Artists will be informed by the Gallery ahead of the installation date as to whether their on-site presence is required.

The 2019 recommended rates for art installation:

  • Per half day, under 4 hours: $277.00
  • Per day, over 4 hours: $456.00


Artist’s Talk or Educational Programs
As a public art gallery, Art Gallery of St. Albert’s mandate is to provide enriching educational experiences that celebrate visual culture and artistic achievement through research, exhibition and interpretation. To further this goal, we often have exhibiting artist’s present tours and talks, inviting the public to learn more about the creative process, and artistic inspirations; or conduct hands-on art-making workshops for children or adults.

The 2019 recommended rates for artist talks and educational programs:

  • Per half day: $304
  • Per day: $536

For more information about CARFAC, please visit their website at


Floor Plan

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