August 6 – Sept 26, 2015

Pat Coulter and Donna Marchyshyn-Shymko

Opening Reception: Thursday, August 6, 6 – 9 pm


Pat Coulter and Donna Marchyshyn-Shymko join forces to present Verve. This evocative exhibition presents large-scale, fluid acrylic works that communicate energy and enthusiasm using a language of colour and shape. The paintings employ pure colours and forms and whilst contrasted by their complexity they are harmonious in their spirit and vitality. These artworks elicit quite different responses from viewers. Coulter’s works feature soft graceful waves of poured paint, creating a hypnotic effect. Marchyshyn-Shymko’s intricate pieces are complex journeys of colour and line.

Bold, vivid hues dominate Pat Coulter’s loose and vibrant canvases that employ layers of poured fluid acrylic paint. The paths and patterns the medium creates results in flowing movement, indicative of the elements; water, wind and the forces of nature. The luminosity of the poured paint creates interplay of light that captures the ephemeral grace of the process.

Conversely, whilst Marchyshyn-Shymko’s colourful, fluid paintings are non-objective the end result is a visual puzzle that sets the eye searching. The artworks are seemingly reflective of the abstracted landscape genre. Unexpected images emerge through marks and lines; layers of sediment, flowing rivers and mountain ranges. The artist celebrates this revelation using the emerging results; faces, spirits and scenery to title each work upon completion. The resulting ‘landscapes’ are complex. Despite their size they solicit close investigation. Conversely Coulter’s large-scale, spontaneous paintings encourage viewers to step back to contemplate and experience.


St Albert Gazette article featuring Art Gallery of St Albert’s exhibit Verve and the Visual Art Studio Association (VASA)’s exhibit The Iconic Alberta Rose.