From July 5 – 28, The Art Gallery of St. Albert will host a solo show featuring the artwork of Bekk Wells. Three textile based installations will be available for viewing: The Museum of Natural History, The Unlikely Ascent of M. musculus and You Can Take it with You.

The artworks explore ideas of human interaction with the natural world. Over millennia of human history, man has mastered his surroundings, molding a safe, comfortable environment out of the wilderness that existed before his arrival. Wells wittily examines the relationship between human culture and the rest of the living world, noting that human representations of animals tend to occupy an uncertain status somewhere between toy and scientific specimen. Wells creates harmless versions of familiar animals, reminiscent of the stuffed animals provided to children. Rather than being wild and threatening, these animals are endearing but gaze back at us questioningly.

This delightful exhibition will allow you to observe a menagerie of animals and explore an exciting micro-environment, all from the convenient comfort of the art gallery!