Having lived most of her life in rural Alberta, artist Sherri Chaba has a strong personal connection to the land and its history, a connection that has been altered by industrial presence on and near her property. This experience is reflected in works that merge the industrial with nature and recycled historical objects. Chaba creates multimedia installations that draw upon modern environmental issues. This exhibition closes on August 2.

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Rental & Sales: Judy Schafers

Looking for that finishing touch for your home or office? Original artwork, like realistic paintings by Judy Schafers, may be the perfect solution. Her luminous works will brighten any space and leave a lasting impression. Visit the Rental and Sales Gallery to see her remarkable artworks in person.

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Learning & Discovery: Art Party

Celebrating a special occasion such as a child’s birthday? Make it memorable with an Art Party at Art Gallery of St Albert! An Art Party is an enriching educational experience in an art studio environment as well as a fun way to celebrate and may be arranged for any kind of gathering, such as sports team wrap-ups and holiday-themed parties.

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